Apr 18
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Why You Need Ocean Freight Insurance

If you are a manufacturer, exporter, importer or freight forwarder of a shipment that will travel by sea in a cargo ship, you may need ocean freight insurance. But, if that sounds like just another overhead cost that reduces your profit, it’s time to consider all the benefits of insuring... read more →
Mar 28
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5 Advantages of Customs Clearance Services

Whether you regularly ship internationally, or you’re just finding out what’s involved, customs clearance is a critical part of the process. Regardless of anything else you do to ensure your shipment arrives safely and on time, not meeting every customs clearance requirements can delay, or even stop your shipment from... read more →
Feb 23
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3 Shipping Challenges You Should Know

The benefits of using shipping services are extensive. Products can be safely transported from where they originate to their final destination in a timely manner. You can choose options for specific products, such as temperature-controlled shipping, and request specific packaging for certain shipments. But, shipping delays can occur, causing schedule... read more →
Jan 19
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Air vs Ocean Freight: Which is Best for Your Shipping Needs?

Businesses have two main options for international shipping to destinations outside of North America: air freight vs ocean freight. Both have their own unique benefits and drawbacks, and the right choice for you depends on your specific shipping needs. In this blog post, we'll break down the key differences between... read more →
Dec 20
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How to Transport Dangerous Goods by Air

Of course, the transport of dangerous goods, by air or any other form of transportation requires special handling and procedures. But, transporting dangerous goods by air is particularly risky. While air transport is as safe as any other form of transport, an accident can result in the wide dispersal of... read more →
Nov 22
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What is Cool Chain Management & Why is it Important?

Cool chain, or cold chain, management is the temperature-controlled handling of products that are being processed, transported, stored or displayed. The 'cool chain' name derives from the fact that it involves the temperature-controlled (typically cooler) supply chain. The products that require cool chain management are those that must remain at... read more →
Oct 20
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Customs Clearance Services & Why You Need Them

Customs clearance - or customs brokerage - services make it possible for goods to cross international borders. The services make sure that commercial freight (and goods from individuals) meet the legal and documentation requirements needed for the destination country. What are Customs Brokerage Services? Customs clearance requirements can often be... read more →
Oct 04
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Geo Express International Receives ISO 9001 Certification

We are pleased to announce that GEO Express International (GEO) has received the ISO 9001 certification, in recognition of our efforts to improve our quality control programs and offer services that meet our customers regulatory requirements. "This is an achievement for GEO, but it's more important for our existing and... read more →
Sep 21
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FCL vs LCL: Which Shipping Method Should You Choose?

Knowing whether to choose between FCL vs LCL shipping starts with being clear about their differences. FCL stands for ‘full container load.’ It means that your freight is the only freight in the container, whether or not the container is full. In more practical terms, it means you are paying... read more →
Mar 18

New GEO Express Facility in Montreal

Geo Express International has expanded their warehousing capacity in Montreal.  The secured facility, located very close to Montreal Pierre Elliott Trudeau Airport, is ideally placed for companies requiring parts banking and other types of specialized distribution and storage services.
Dec 12
Shipping Overseas

The Most Convenient Methods for Shipping Overseas

Whether you want to ship regular freight or  items that are time sensitive or temperature sensitive, shipping overseas can be a real hassle, especially when you haven’t managed to find a dependable transport service. This is where GEO Express International comes in. Specializing in a wide variety of complex... read more →
Nov 18
International comparator drug shipping

International Comparator Drug Shipping Made Easy

International comparator drug shipping and the shipping of temperature sensitive materials used in drug trials, are some of the most problematic issues that research facilities and large research companies face these days. With these substances and materials often having to be kept under specific conditions for an exact amount... read more →
Oct 25
Sep 25
Aug 29
Shipping Abroad

Shipping Abroad with GEO Express International

Whether you want to move house to a different country or you have a thriving local business that you’d like to expand offshore, shipping abroad can be an important part of the deal. For that purpose, you need the assistance of a professional international shipping service that specializes in... read more →
Aug 23
Jul 18
Moving Overseas

Moving Overseas

If you’re looking forward to moving overseas to Canada, and you’re in a hurry, you’ll definitely want all the details to fall into place. That is precisely what you can gain by using the international shipping services of GEO Express International – one of the most dependable and advanced... read more →
Jul 18
Shipping to Canada

Shipping to Canada From Anywhere in the World

Are you interested in shipping to Canada your most important effects and belongings before relocating? While moving to a new country can have a whole set of difficulties, they will all be made easier with the help of GEO Express International, one of the most distinguished and expansive global... read more →